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Building Engines' brand new podcast series, CRE Tech Talks, will increase your technology IQ in just 20 minutes! Hosted by Building Engines SVP Scott Sidman, CRE Tech Talks will release new episodes twice a month featuring well-qualified subject matter experts for that week's topic.
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Mar 22, 2018

Phil Mobley
Head of Research at Building Engines

Becky Hanner
Commercial Real Estate Executive, Founder, at Commercial Asset Services




Jun 20, 2017

Scott Sidman
Chief Marketing and Strategy Officer at Building Engines

Brandon Sedloff 
Managing Director of Business Development at Juniper Square




Feb 14, 2017

Scott Sidman
SVP of Building Engines

Phil Cavallo 
Chief Executive Officer of Beaumont Solar




Jun 21, 2016

Scott Sidman
SVP of Building Engines

Arie Barendrecht 
Chief Executive Officer of WiredScore



Apr 11, 2016

Scott Sidman
SVP of Building Engines

Mark Sigal
Chief Product Officer at Datex Property Solutions


Mar 8, 2016

Scott Sidman
SVP of Building Engines

Michael Wong
Chief Executive Officer & President at Genea


Feb 9, 2016

Scott Sidman
SVP of Building Engines

Mark Handzel
Vice President, Product Regulatory Affairs -Xylem HVAC Commercial Buildings - Bell Gossett, a Xylem Brand


Nov 10, 2015

Scott Sidman
SVP of Building Engines

Brandon Sedloff
Senior Vice President, Corporate Relations- Urban Land Institute


Sep 1, 2015

Scott Sidman
SVP of Building Engines

Logan Soya
Founder & CEO at Aquicore


Jun 18, 2015

Scott Sidman
SVP of Building Engines

Matthew Brogie
COO at Repsly and former Director at Mobility CIO


Jun 5, 2015

Scott Sidman
SVP of Building Engines

Lindsay Baker
VP of Business Development,
Building Robotics and "Comfy" App



  • The applications and products building teams can use that apply Big Data principles to them
  • How Google sparked the idea for Building Robotics
  • The difference between machine-based data and crowdsourced data – and how they interact
  • How Building Robotics addresses privacy concerns
  • How the "Comfy" temperature control App is making building occupants happier and more productive
  • And much more!
May 20, 2015

Joined By Special Guests:

Rob Murchison
Co-Founder, Intelligent Buildings

Tom Shircliff 
Co-Founder, Intelligent Buildings

In this Episode, Learn About

  • The three waves of Internet Tech advancement in buildings and how it  plays into today’s Smart Buildings and "The Internet of Things"
  • The primary operational areas impacted by Smart Buildings
  • The top 3 reasons CRE owners and managers are turning to Smart Buildings and the risks involved
  • The ways are tenants driving the demand for connectivity and Smart Buildings
  • Cyber security issues facing our buildings
  • The two things you need to consider before adding advanced technologies to your building
May 5, 2015

Joined By Special Guest:

Bill Greenhaus

Principal/Founder of REdirect Consulting


You Will Learn:

  • The three biggest mistakes CRE organizations make when licensing/deploying new technologies
  • The factors that should contribute to setting deployment timeframes
  • The major steps/stages to an implementation process: Planning, Design, Build, Test, Deploy, Go LIVE
  • The importance of a  “pilot” or “stabilization” period
  • Who should be on the project team?
  • What commitment/resources are generally required of the purchaser during technology deployments?
  • Best practices for training and adoption
Apr 21, 2015

"The most disruptive technologies in the CRE space and four easy ways to up your tech game!"

  • What technologies will have the biggest impact over the next 12-36 months?
  • Why would Pierce love to see more homegrown solutions from CRE Owners and Managers? 
  • What does CRE // Tech Intersect do differently than other conferences that has made it a breeding ground for innovation? 
  • What are 4 things every real estate professionals should do right now to up their "tech game?"
Feb 24, 2015

Hosted by Building Engines SVP Scott Sidman and Michelle Mastrobattista, VP of Digital Communications, Solomon McCown & Company


"What Every CRE Exec needs to Know About Social Media"

  • How can social media help CRE professionals improve operations, tenant service, crisis response & marketing?
  • What do examples of success look like?
  • How do you monitor success?
  • Where is CRE in relation to other industries with regard to their use of social media?
  • What are 5 things every real estate executive should do right now with regard to their personal and corporate social media plans?